Hi, I'm Jeff.

I'm a UX/UI Designer in Austin, TX. I take complex problems and turn them into simple, responsive designs.

My Skills

Here's some stuff that I'm good at.

Work Experience

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Charles Schwab

  • Experience Design

I currently work as an Experience Designer for Charles Schwab. We are working to modernize the digital experience of investing and the relationship that our customers have to their money. This information is confidential.



I worked on a large project to transition Meijer credit card customers from their old bank over to Citibank. My team's focus was on creating a frictionless experience which allowed customers to easily locate their credit card rewards and track progress towards their spending goals.

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Fund Advisors

  • Contract Work

I worked closely with the experience design team for Dimensional Fund Advisors. The goal was to improve their client-facing website functionality and layout. The nature of this work is confidential.

Concept Work

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Start Up

  • UX/UI Design

Start Up is a national American docu-series television show about small business owners, broadcast by PBS. I had the opportunity to work with host Gary Bredow and the Start Up crew in order to create a more streamlined, responsive design concept for their website.

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  • Mobile UX/UI Design, Concept

Oftentimes, designers are faced with the challenge of seamlessly integrating a new feature into a pre-existing app. For this proof of concept, I implemented a "Reviews" feature for a popular music streaming app.

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Second Look

  • Mobile UX/UI Design

We live in the age of disinformation. The powers that be routinely manipulate the press and misrepresent data for nefarious purposes. For this project, I set out to address the widespread problem of yellow journalism. Second Look is an app which is designed to provide more transparency in the news, challenge how we process it, and allow us to have more meaningful interactions with one another in the political landscape.

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A little about me...

My entry into UX stems from my background in graphic design and my past experience doing technical illustration for the automotive and aerospace industries. The merging of these two disciplines has provided an arena where I can draw from both skills to offer a unique approach to solving design challenges. Surfacing pain points and practicing empathic solutions has profoundly shaped how I view my surroundings, our relationships to one another, and ultimately, how I can make a difference in this world.

In my personal life, I draw immense inspiration from music, art, film, writing, science, and the intellectual pursuit of knowledge. These interests stem from my upbringing, my background education, and my experiences growing up as a young child in Central America.

This is an exciting time for digital design. With the advent of new technology comes a lot of uncertainty. But within this uncertainty lies opportunity. I want to discover these opportunities so that I can continue to forge the path of creating solutions that help people and humanity as a whole.